Women & Children

Providing a full continuum of care

To build strong families capable of sustaining recovery and rebuilding their lives, we offer housing for women and their children. Women who are homeless, pregnant/postpartum, and have a substance use disorder, or women who are victims of sex trafficking, can begin the process of recovery with dignity in a safe environment.

Our women and children programs are designed to address the high prevalence of physical, sexual, and psychological trauma and violence experienced by at-risk women.

Women & Children


Starfish Place

In partnership with the City of Phoenix, we work with survivors of human trafficking to create a safe, nurturing home to turn to.

  • Case management, including outpatient care
  • Employment and education assistance
  • Financial literacy and budgeting
  • Housing in a 15-unit, 1.8-acre multi-family apartment community
  • Integrated health and wellness services

Women's Transition Point

At Women's Transition Point, women who are homeless, pregnant or postpartum, and have a substance use disorder can begin the process of recovery.

  • Child development center
  • Childbirth and parenting education and support
  • Employment preparation services
  • Family and group therapy
  • Integrated health and wellness
  • Life skills training
  • Outpatient services
  • Physical health services
  • Substance abuse and behavioral health treatment, including relapse prevention

Frequently asked questions

Who is eligible?

CBI accepts all patients. We are contracted with all Arizona Complete Care health plans and many private insurances. If a patient is uninsured or underinsured, we help assist in applying for AHCCCS and connect them with relevant resources without compromising care.

Appointment Scheduling

In most cases, an initial appointment can be made within 7 days of initial contact.

What is the appointment process?

A new patient appointment with CBI can be initiated by completing a secure referral form in person, by phone, or electronically. We request the following information to be able to coordinate the appointment efficiently:

  • Patient demographics (e.g., name, DOB, address, and phone number)
  • Appointment reason/type and requested timeframe for follow up
  • Insurance/payer information
  • Referral type and requested timeframe for follow up
  • Insurance/payer information