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Standards & Compliance

Community Bridges, Inc. is committed to ensuring that all programs operate in compliance with state and federal healthcare laws and regulations. CBI follows a Corporate Compliance Plan that details how CBI works to prevent, detect, uncover, and resolve any unethical, illegal, or poor practices that could lead to fraud, waste, or abuse. The CBI Compliance Team also investigates and responds to patient and community concerns about the care our staff provide to our clients. Staff, patients, and community members are encouraged to report compliance concerns to the CBI Compliance Team.  

On top of legal and regulatory compliance, CBI seeks to be a leading provider of high-quality clinical services. Sound quality management activities create sound clinical practices, which result in positive outcomes for our patients. CBI develops annual Quality Management Plans designed to support effective and efficient service delivery across CBI’s continuum of care. CBI’s quality management activities are recognized through CBI’s accreditation by CARF International. 

Compliance Concerns

What kinds of concerns should I report to the CBI Compliance Team?

If you are concerned that CBI or its staff are engaging in fraud, waste, or abuse, are providing inadequate services to clients, or are not following the appropriate laws, including non-discrimination laws, you should report your concerns to the CBI Compliance Team.

What if I’m not sure about what happened or I can’t prove it?

The CBI Compliance Team may have access to additional information that it can use to investigate your concern. Even if you can’t prove that your concern has happened, you should report it to our team so we can investigate further.  

How can I report a compliance concern to CBI?

You can report your concern by using the Contact form, by sending your concern in the mail to our Administrative Office address listed on the Contact page, or by calling the Compliance Hotline at 844-990-0080.  

What if I’m worried about retaliation?

CBI is prohibited from retaliating against anyone for good faith reporting of compliance concerns. CBI also has anonymous reporting available through the methods noted above.  

What happens when I report a compliance concern to CBI?

Your concern will go directly to the CBI Compliance Team, who will review what has been reported, log your concern, and determine the next appropriate steps. If you have provided contact information, the CBI Compliance Team may reach out to ask for additional information. The CBI Compliance Team may also work with the Human Resources team to ask staff questions or may review internal records or surveillance resources. The CBI Compliance Team will make a determination on whether the concern has been substantiated and follow up on any necessary corrections or improvements. 


If you would like to request your medical records, please use the Contact form and include your full name, contact information, and what records you are requesting