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Peer Support

CBI has Peer Support Specialists available 24/7 for our patients. Having overcome their own substance use and mental health issues, their backgrounds make them ideal to reach those who need immediate guidance and assistance.

Peer Support

Peer Support Specialists are the heart of our continuum of care. They give patients the care they need at the time they need it. Whether during an immediate crisis, or for daily assistance, peers provide hope, education, and support to people recovering, at every step.


Champions on the journey to self-sufficiency

Recovery is different for every person and it depends on a number of factors. CBI employs Peer Support Specialists who can act as peer companions to help navigate the behavioral health system to attain one’s own unique recovery.

Because they live successfully in recovery, CBI’s Peer Support Specialists are uniquely qualified to champion our patients on their journeys back to health and self-sufficiency


Community Bridges, Inc. offers Peer Support Certification Training for all staff who identify with lived experience overcoming substance use or mental health challenges.

Benefits breakdown


hope that people can and do recover.


people in identifying their own recovery journey


as advocates of recovery in our community.